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Cotton soft silk thin series baby toddler pants Breathable and dry baby pull-on pants
Поставляется из-за рубежа, занимает 15-25 рабочих дней.

Поставляется из-за рубежа, занимает 15-25 рабочих дней.

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Модель : Pull-on pants
Product Type : Diaper Lara Pant For Age : 1-3 Years Olds Function : Dry & Comfortable,Breathable,Soft & Cotton,Super-absorbing
Преимущество продукта
  • Well and High Quality Control
  • Prompt Delivery
  • New Product
  • Competitive Prices
  • Fit for Gifts and Premiums
  • Earth-friendly Products
  • In a Variety of Design
  • ODM Accepted
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Quantity: 50 pieces

Applicable weight: 9~14KG

Recommended dosage: 3~5pieces per day


Quantity: 46 pieces

Applicable weight: 12~17KG

Recommended dosage: 2~4pieces per day


Quantity: 42 pieces

Applicable weight: 15KG or more

Recommended dosage: 1~3pieces per day

[Product advantages]

Dual core full core: a new generation of double-layer full core design, the upper layer absorbs fast, the water lock is strong, and the instantaneous suction does not reverse osmosis; the lower layer conducts fast, the suction is large, and one to dawn

Very thin structure design: innovative ultra-thin structure design, thin and soft, breathable, 0 touch, no sorrow, continuous layer, the most intimate care for the baby

Super soft pearl cotton finish: silky and non-irritating, 3D floating point design, reduce skin contact area, maintain good air circulation, refuse red butt.

Breathable cotton soft composite base film: soft and breathable, countless nano-holes are always hot and let the little butt breathe freely.

Innovative diversion process: Innovative diversion layer design, increase absorption speed, and quickly conduct whole layer diversion to prevent urine from gathering together.

Intelligent eversion three-dimensional side: stretch automatic flanging, no manual, convenient and reliable without side leakage.

360° elastic large waist: gentle fit to the waist, no waist, no leakage, comfortable and not tight.

Double-layer three-dimensional heightening side: Heightening and widening double-layered side wall, not easy to side leakage, baby's post-urine expansion is not oppressed, comfortable and comfortable.

S curved Velcro: The surface is smooth, no sharp corners, can be repeatedly pasted, so that the diaper paste is safe and secure.

U-shaped design process: has a better coating effect, greatly reducing side leakage. Easy to wear!

Authoritative organization certification: Through the authority of SGS quality certification, no fluorescent agent, no formaldehyde, to care for the baby with higher standards.

Поставляется из-за рубежа, занимает 15-25 рабочих дней.

Поставляется из-за рубежа, занимает 15-25 рабочих дней.

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